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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 15, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," disturbing allegations of deadly violence inside a church. >> police say a mother and father beat their teenage sons so brutally, one of them died. how could this happen in a house of worship? brothel tragedy. new details in overnight about lamar odom's medical emergency in nevada. the 911 calls and the developments from police and paramedics. political momentum. from hillary clinton's huge rally last night to the pressure on joe biden and what donald trump is saying now about the democrats. it's your voice, your vote. and later, something saucy from "insomniac kitchen." national pasta day is sated. we're in for a tuscan style feast. it's thursday, october 15th. . from abc news, this is
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"world news now." good thursday morning. i'm nireenn. >> i'm phillip mena. we want to begin with a bizarre story involving parents charged with beating their teenage son to death at church into and more arrests are expected. police say spiritual counseling led to an hour's long attack on the victim and his brother who survived. martinezcy gonzales has more. >> reporter: a disturbing case inside this secretive central new york church where police say a teen was beaten to death by his own parents. bruce and deborah leonard charged with manslaughter after his say their 19-year-old son lucas was brought to a hospital with injuries so severe doctors thought he had been shot. the teen pronounced dead, the s.w.a.t. surrounding the church in hartford is, new york, officers going inside. after hours of searching finding lucas's 17-year-old brother christopher also badly beaten but alive.
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police say the two were assaulted the night before during what church members described as a counseling session. >> both brothers were continually subcted to physical punishment over several hours in hopes that each would confess to prior since and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: four other church members charged in the attack that left christopher leonard hospitalized in serious condition. police say seven children inside the church were taken into protective custody as detectives try to figure out what was behind the bizarre and deadly violence inside this house of worship. >> i'm very sad for everybody because there's many rumors. i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: the teens' parents pleaded not guilty and are being held on $100,000 bail. the victim's sister is among the four other church members charges and being held on $50,000 bail. >> marcy, thank you. new details about lamar odom. the 35-year-old remains on life
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support at i las vegas hospital following a day's long stay at a brothel. odom reportedly told employees at that brothel that he had used cocaine before arriving there on saturday. during his stay, he drank alcohol and had taken an over the counter sexual performance enhancer. police have released 911 calls from the moments after he was found unconscious. >> need to hurry please because he's got blood coming out of his nose. white stuff coming out of his mouth. >> still alive, the ambulance came, police came. they immediately said this is not looking good. >> toxicology tests are being done on his blood. the results could take weeks. odom's estranged wife khloe kardashian and other members of her are with odom. >> a computer glitch being blamed for another frustrating ordeal affecting thousands of air travelers entering the country stuck in customs because of a problem with the homeland security system that checks
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passengers against a terror watch list. tweets started pouring in from people at major airports including jfk, l.a.x. and dallas. it was back up and running in 90 minutes. >> federal vectors heading to eastern louisiana hoping to determine what caused a deadly plane crash there. the twin engine cessna went down in flames shortly after taking off from hammon airport killing two people. the pilot reported engine trouble and was run returning to the airport when the plane crashed. this pontoon plane flipped over in the ohio river after trying to take off. the pilot says the plane hit something and started taking on water. that's when the he and three passengers managed to swim to shore. crews will be pulling the plane from the river later today. secretary of state john kerry is expected to head to the middle east as a wave of deadly violence gloes gross worse. eight israelis and 31 palestinians have been killed so far. in the latest attack, a 70-year-old woman was stabbed
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outside a bus station in jerusalem. kerry is expected to meet with benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the jordanian capital of amman. an army captain from maryland is being given account medal of honor for his life saving actions in afghanistan. captain florent groberg will receive the nation's highest military award during ceremonies next month. while on security detail, captain groberg pushed a suicide bomber to the ground. that prevented the bomb from going off. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after her strong performances in tuesday night's debate. she wrapped up her visit to las vegas with a fund-raiser and rally that drew a crowd of about 2500 people. clinton told supporters she was thrilled the debate gave vote areas i chance to compare the democrats to the republicans. and she said the gop won't work together. the clinton camp is also calling on joe biden to make up his mind about a run for the white house. the vice president watched the
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debate from washington. some of his own supporters say any decision should have come sooner. it's your voice, your vote. here's abc's jonathan carl. >> reporter: at a meeting today, vice president biden struck a note of optimism about america. >> we're just going to roll, man. i really mean it. america's ready. >> reporter: but there's much less optimism about biden's presidential prospects. even some of biden's strongest supporters are saying privately he may have simply waited too long. for one, he missed out on the blockbuster debate, where 15 million viewers saw hillary clinton dominate, bernie sanders offer a strong alternative and joe biden's name didn't come up, not even once. even donald trump, in an interview with "good morning america," says clinton had a strong debate. >> she came out the winner. she did what she had to do, and they were extremely gentle. >> reporter: as one long-time biden friend tells abc news, he needed to be there last night. team hillary agrees, which is why clinton campaign chairman
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john podesta said the time has come for a decision. >> vice president biden had lunch with president obama. no word on what was said. we'll probably have to wait for the memoirs on that, but aides to both men say they expect when biden finally makes up his mind and makes a decision, that president obama will will be among the very first to know. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. all right. now to my own personal favorite segment, sports with reena. american league baseball playoff style. there was wild stuff going on. >> start off with the rangers and blue jays. tied in the top of the seventh. with a texas runner on third, russell martin's throw back to the catcher hits the batter's box. after a long delay while they discussed, the runner was allowed to score. in the bottom of the inning, the rangers committed three errors 0 load the bases with the score now tied at 3. josebatis tas smashed a
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three-run home run. there were also a couple of bench clearances. but in the end, blue jays got it. 6-3. the toronto would take on either houston or kansas city. the royals already up 4-2 in the eighth inning when kendry morales, did i get that right? hit a three-run home run. that's pretty much how it ended. they win 7-2 and will host toronto in game one of the american league championship series friday night. meantime, wrigley field, lots of buzz there. they think they found the ball that kyle shosher of the cubs hit out tuesday night right by the word i in the word bud buys wiser. i wonder who found that out? >> there was a fan. >> you like that? >> that was great. >> was that good, jack? >> that was excellent. that was excellent. but i blame the astro losing on their governor. yes, greg abbott. he jinchsed them and tweeted
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congratulations to them when they had a lead in game four. they had a lead in game four and he said congrats. you can't do that. he said ranger you're next. both texas teams out of playoffs. >> i think you have something there, phillip. there might be something to that. >> come on. >> coming up "the mix," a very personal way to show off team pride from a toronto blue jays fan. >> also ahead, the rich flavors from a tuscan chef in our "insomniac kitchen." national pasta day is saturday. feast your eyes on this. >> first another reminder about the dangers on a high school football field. one boy's injury, recovery and huge bat in court. check out our behind the skeens pics on instagram abcwmn. you're watching abc "world news now." so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off.
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at least nine homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in central texas that's grown to more than three square miles. cress near smithville say the fire is only 10% contained. several neighborhoods have been evacuated a state park closed. highs will be in the 90s with gusty winds through tomorrow. a development in the volkswagen emissions scandal. the epa is now looking into whether a second computer program in the company's diesel cars was designed to cheat on air quality emissions tests. the automaker already admitted to installing software to rig those tests in 11 million cars
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worldwide. the man appointed to head volkswagen's north american division has left the company after just three weeks on the job. the world's largest retailer walmart is facing a money crisis. walmart predicts earnings will drop steadily over the next year and a half causing a stock market plunge yesterday. the stock has fallen 30% this year. it's facing fierce competition from amazon and other retailers because of the stock plunge. four members of the walton family who own the company saw more than $9 billion of their net worth disappear. losing $9 million over night. >> helps if you have $122 million more. >> we've been hearing about the dangers of concussions in football particularly among young players. >> now a case in california is pitting one high school football player and his parents against their school district. they say a coach refused to let their son out of a game after he took a severe hit. here now is abc's matt gutman.
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>> reporter: after taking a hit in this game a year ago friday, 17-year-old trey enloe says he tried to take himself out the game. >> he would have gone into the game even if he was hurting if he felt like he could. >> reporter: a coach put him back in. a lawsuit against the san diego school district says enloe suffered from "a headache, nausea and was noticeably rattled, confused and unable to follow simple direction." classic concussion symptoms. when he asked assistant head coach steve wachs to sit out. the coach said he didn't have time for him, according to the suit, sending enloe scampering back in, where he suffered additional hits to the head. >> you put the safety of the child before anything. the child should have been taken out of the game immediately. >> reporter: he was later diagnosed with a severe concussion. >> he's suffered some pretty serious depression. he's just not the same kid. >> reporter: the school suspended the assistant coach who denies the allegations, telling "the voice of san diego," "it was never communicated to me once that he was injured. i promise you."
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even a surprisingly mild hit to the head can cause a concussion. one of the reasons the school district is changing the ways it handles head injuries. now, if a player is even suspected of having one, they can't get back on the field for at least a week. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. now, what about to girls in particular in high school sports that soccer is also a huge industry that has a lot of concussions that girls suffer from. >> it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. coming up in our next half hour, it's being called a case of extreme cosleeping. > two parents and five kids in the same bed. why this texas family says it's working for them in our next half hour. next we are t minus two days away from national pasta day. just wait till you see what we've got cooking tonight in our "insomniac kitchen." >> calorie free. >> i hope so. you're watching "world news
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now." "worl
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♪ in case have you not checked your calendar, we are just two days away from one of the most important holidays of the year, national pasta day. >> who doesn't like a good heaping of carbs? all on their plate from vegans to confirmed p carnivores. trina trinh takes us into "insomniac kitchen.." >> chow, we're here in manhattan at mi garba. i'm here with a pasta expert. you specialize in all things tuscan food. what makes italian pasta so special. >> pasta in italy is a tradition. every meal start with a pasta dish. appetizer and pasta dish.
3:19 am
>> there's so many pastas. how do you know what goes with what? >> behind every type of pasta, there is a story. it's something related to the flavor and something related to the best suited pasta for that type of. >> what's the difference between store bought pasta and fresh made pasta? can you really tell? >> fresh pasta is something fresh with different flavor. in the case of tag ga telly you have egg inside. different stories. >> we're ready to make pasta. we're going to make tagle tell. this is your brother andrea. it's a family business here. >> extra virgin olive oil. sauteed. this is porcini, authentic of
3:20 am
tuscany. but you can use different mushrooms. and andre is going to add the porcini. this is white wine. >> he's adding. > to give more color. >> and then we have cream. >> the cream as the final step for the sauce. >> this is your fresh homemade taglia telly yes. >> do you just add it in right now. >> yeah. eggs, flour and a bit of water. >> that's it. that looks beautiful. >> so mix the different flavors and different ingredients. >> beautiful. or should i say bella. >> bella. >> you put on top a little bit of sauce. then you can enjoy the tagliatelli. >> graz zi. >> prega. >> mm. that's really good. >> is it good? >> thank you s so much. delicious.
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>> it was a pleasure. >> oh, look at that delicious pasta. >> look at that. our thanks to mi garba in new york city. >> the good news is apparently you can buy this stuff at lots of grocery stores in the premade section in supermarkets. this is a way you can try it at home. do you know the average american it's nearly 20 pounds of pasta a year but the italians eat nearly 60 pounds of it every year. >> i wonder what it says about all my eating habits. all the fancy things i eat are here at "insomniac kitchen." it is good. love pasta into and this is spinach. >> that one looks like chili reyan know but i don't think it is. >> no, it's italian. yak, come on over. try some. how come no one's running? it's pasta day. >> they're coming.
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. and now it's time for "the mix." some people might call this blasphemous in sports. but espn partnering up with wwe to offer wrestling highlights. yeah. wrestling highlights. john cena is almost wrapping it up, the end of his tour on wwe. they're going to start showing these wwe superstars every tuesday on sportscenter what do you think. >> i don't like it. i'm old school. i guess it wouldn't be the first time they showed some enhanced athletes and their drama. so i guess i can think about it that way. i'm old school sportscenter". >> some new energy. and it's meant to expose both brands, an the espn audience gets exposed to wwe and vice
3:26 am
versa. >> hopefully it works. one day a week they're going to do that this. fear not. speaking of sports, there are many ways to show your support for a team. you can wear the gear. you can paint your face. there was one fan of the toronto blue jays that went a step further and he saved the blue jays logo into his chest hair. there it is. >> wow. >> look at that. it went well for them. they won. >> it's also a very good waxing. who does his waxing. it's a very good job. >> the nipple accentuating the beak of the blue jay. >> thank you for highlighting that, phillip. >> in case you missed it. i guess it's good luck. we'll have to keep it up. >> keep shaving that or waxing it. it's working. if at first you don't succeed, try try again. this is what this young toddler clearly picked up. trying to get the tennis balls into the can.
3:27 am
the problem every time he goes to get the other one, it falls down. over a quarter of a million views on this one. isn't he adorable? he keeps doing it. not deterred. it keeps falling out. going to keep doing it into life's going to feel alike that sometimes, kid. keep trying and back where you started. >> look at that. determination. >> oh, man, we could watch that all day. >> does he ever get it. >> i don't think so. i hope mom explained hold it upright. >> he's starting to sit down. maybe he's figuring gravity out. >> this could be amusement for a toddler when you need to entertain him. >> i love that video. all right, and finally here on the mix," no easy way to say this. it's the most pathetic elevator chime you will hear in your life. [ screeching ] >> ominous. >> that sounds like a haunted house elevator. >> would you get in after you heard that? >> is
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this morning on "world news now," developments overnight in the lamar odom tragedy. the frantic calls to 911 and new details from the brothel, the police and the hospital. >> airport agony. the computer meltdown that left passengers standing in long lines overnighght. the exhausting ordeal and the search for an explanation at airports nationwide. and new this half hour, the potential game changer in the american restaurant industry. >> is it time to skip the tip? why some high end restaurants are taking gratuities off the table. >> and later in "the skinny," clothing optional. miley cyrus and her racy concert idea. fans do not have to dress up for the show. it is thursday, october 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now."


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